Bike theft-where do they go?

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boston phili?

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Jimmy (not verified)

"Just curious to know the details about how you ""took back"" your mountain bike for the chinese food delivery dude. How did you know the bike was yours? Did you find out how did he came to be riding it?"

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Greg Faber (not verified)

"i knew it was mine because the shox, brakes, pedals and seat were all customized. The paint chips and scratches were exactly the same. I was with my bf who is 6'1"" and 220 and the delivery guy was 5'4"", 120, so we just waited for him to unlock it and said ""that's my bike, I'm taking it back. It was stolen from me 2 weeks ago."" Took it and left."

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Yeah, right

Hey pal, get your story right. It was a credenza and you took it from Cosmo Kramer. ;-)

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Getting it back

"Let's just say he didn't go to the People's Court.


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Jonathan Shannon (not verified)

A colleague of mine had a Cannondale mtb that was stolen within 30 min of his arrival at work (Hunter College - a notoriously bad place to park a bike). Within 2 weeks he saw it parked there, but repainted crudely with Specialized decals slapped on it. He could still identify the Cannondale decals under the bad paint! He called security etc but I don't know how it ended, yet I imagine these sorts of scenarios, as well as parting out the bikes, are not uncommon. -jhs

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Peter (not verified)

Messengers and delivery guys, I'd guess, are the primary market in the city. High-end bikes probably go to e-bay/craigslist. (Anyone see my Santa Cruz Heckler, stolen last spring?) There are also interstate bike fencing rackets. Colleges are a good place to resell them. It only takes a few seconds to snatch a bike that can be sold for $50-150 on Craigslist or on the street.

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