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Perhaps this question marks me a newbie--so be it. My SPDs began squeaking this morning; they're relatively new, only about 1200 miles. Do they need to be oiled? I know it's not the crank, that spins fine. If I move my foot to different angles in the pedal, the squeak lightens up but I can't ride like that.
Thanks for any advice!

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"Try putting a drop of oil on each cleat and/or the mating surfaces on the pedals.


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Kiwi (not verified)

Are you sure it's not your knees after that many miles ? :-)


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Mark Gelles (not verified)
white lightning

a drop of white lightning on the inner metal surface of your pedals will fix it. I have the same problem & doing this once a month solves it.

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somebody (not verified)

buy a new bike...

... sorry couldn't resist...

some tri-flow or whitelightning in both the pedal and cleat should do it...

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