B17/18 bear mountain ride sunday May 28

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I'll be at the boat house untill 8.35am sunday morning Then heading to bear mountain by the 9W unless you got a better route.everyone wellcome.You can reach me at 917-916-9400

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Katrin Lieberwirth (not verified)
Sunday ride to Bear Mountain


Are you still planning to ride up to Bear Mountain? Any specific cue sheet you are following? Is the idea to take the train back from Bear Mountain?

One route I was looking at is (see: cue sheet library) is the ""CT shore line and inland"" tour. It would require taking the train up to New Haven at around 8 am.

Feel free to give me a call tonight between 7-10 pm.
Thanks, Katrin
646 286 5401"

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Brunel Sylvain (not verified)
Bear mountain Back and forth

Thank you for replying, My idear was to take a 9w to go and come back so that I don't have to think where the next turn is and focus on the milleage wich should be in the 100+. If you know a nicer way I'll be happy to follow, I'll be at the boat house until 8.35am Hope to see you there.

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Rick Isham (not verified)
Bear Mountian Ride

I called your telephone number and talked to someone who suggested that I reply on the message board. I would like to do the ride. In the past I have ridden 9W to Oak Tree and then up Western Highway to a deli stop in West Nyack. Then up Strawtown and back to 9W north of Rockland Lake. Then it is basically 9W through Haverstraw until you enter the park. It is about 103 miles to the top of Bear Mountain round trip from 72nd and Riverside, staying on 9W back with a stop in Nyack or Piermont. With warm weather predicted, I would suggest a 7 am start from 72nd and Riverside.

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Brunel Sylvain (not verified)

Thats A great idea. But I would love to meet at the boat house 7.00 if that work for you. this will be my last email tonight cause I got to go to work until 12.00pm
last word I be at the boat house at 7.00am you'll be able to reach me than @ 917-459-2074 I hope kathrine will join.

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Sizzler (not verified)
Bear and Grin
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Katrin Lieberwirth (not verified)
Today's ride to Bear Mountain

Hi! I was out riding yesterday afternoon and checked in too late on the message board, i.e. sleeping in :)
I'd be up for a similar ride next wkd. - ideally Sat.

In the meantime, I have been browsing on the nycc ride library and looked up a ride for tomorrow, Monday. I thought it might be a nice one for warmer temperatures. Starting point is New Haven, CT. 57 miles.


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