A21 River Rd Tonight (Thursday, 5/25)

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Meet at 6:45 PM on 72nd & Riverside at the Eleanor Roosevelt statue. We should be back on the NY side of the bridge before it gets too dark, but bring a light just in case. Anyone else up for a change of pace from CP laps?

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Karol (not verified)

Hi Mike,

I have to go to a friend's play reading tonight and can not make it. What about next Tuesday? River Road at night and laps on Thursday? Just putting in my request early. :)


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Doug (not verified)

Mike, I could probably do this but would like to be home before dark. Just let me know if your still planing on this or if we are meeting in the park. Doug

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

I would be up for it next Tuesday, also.

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Hector (not verified)
Can't make it Mike, sorry

Unfortunately, work calls late tonight to get things done before the 3 day weekend. I would be up for next Tuesday night though.

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Paul Sciabica (not verified)

Sorry Mike, not tonite but will join next tuesday - paul

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Mike Beckerman (not verified)
Ride is ON for 6:45 PM

Might be just you and me on Riverside, Doug. We're meeting Sizzler at 7:15 PM on the Jersey side of the bridge.

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