Soft-sided bike bag: where to buy in city?

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I'm looking for a bag I can carry my bike in on Amtrak. It needs to be discreet--no big bike logos or flashy colors, and I want to be able to carry it over my shoulder (no big wheelie things). I've seen one or 2 online but I'm looking to purchase one to use this weekend, so a local source is what I need.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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E. Novélo (not verified)
bike travel bags

These were posted in March.

Author: B. Dale ([email protected])
Thread: Sundry Bike Components and Accessories For Sale

PikaPack Soft bike travel bags (two available), $200 each
Lightweight bags that protect your bike well.

Author: Charles W. ([email protected])
Thread: For Sale: Performance Hard-shell bike case

I'm in a cramped apt. in Astoria and I need to get rid of one of my bike cases. Its a Performance Bike hard-shell case, and has been used approximately 3 times. Its in very good shape...just the normal wear marks on the inner foam from the chain and derailleur. The asking price is $120.00

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Robin (not verified)

Thanks for the research E., but I'm looking for a soft bag like ones that can be bought online at Performance and others for $50-60. $200 is too much for me. And as I mentioned, no hard shell cases.

Again, discreet in size and color, easy to carry. Padding not necessary. Still looking!

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
Nashbar bike bag

I have a brand new Nashbar Bike Bag in my office (Flatiron area). Contact me via email if you're interested in borrowing or buying it.

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