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Registration for the Mount Washington Hillclimb (August 19th) sold out online in 3 hours at $300 per registration. Need we say this is a popular venue? Because so many people were wait listed, the powers that be, decided to open a second event, Newton's Revenge: ( ) which is the same course but on a different day (July 8th.) Registration is also $300. This means the opportunity is open to test one's mettle on the big kahuna. Yes, this is costly. However, proceeds will go to the Mt Washington Observatory, a good cause. You can also enroll for the practice run, a mere $35 ( Saturday, June 11th.)

This is an ascent that doesn't taste like chicken. Half the climb is above treeline. Weather is a factor. More than likely it will turn into a sufferfest. But it is more like a half marathon rather than a marathon. If you are aerobically fit and have the proper gearing, the day will be surely be memorable.

The time record was set by Tom Danielson, who bested Tyler Hamilton's record. I understand Tyler will try again to set the record this year but don't quote me.

Further information can be gleaned on the Mt Washington Hillclimb Forum, click on Hillclimb Forum ( )

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
I am interested.

I would be interested in doing this if we can get a group together.
What kind of gearing would be needed to get up this thing?

PS Disregard my previous post about the practice run on 7/9 it is sold out.

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

On a 700c bike, a 1:1 fixed gear is probably the easiest gear for Mt. Washington. That is what I would do. Probably a 94/58 front crank with a lone 24 or 26t chainring with a fixed sprocket of 24t.

Anything less than 36x27, and you'd be super-suffering. The guys I know who have done it with a double, have mounted mtb rear derailleurs and used something like an 11-34 rear cassette for low gearing of 36x34.

- Christian

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
I just spoke to local Mt. Wash bike shop

They echoed what you wrote Christian. 1:1 is strongly recommended.
They put on a triple crank with just one ring (24, 26 or 28) and leave the cassette alone. They then shorten the chain, change the BB and take off the front derailleur. Using inexpensive stuff, parts would be $100 + labor costs.

BTW, Tyler Hamilton will also be at this race.

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