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I am hoping to spend two weeks bike touring in early December of this year. Most of the places that I can think of (North America, Europe) would not be as pleasant in December, so I am looking for other recommendations.

I would be doing this on my own or with one friend. My Spanish skills are non-existent at the moment, but I would like to do this unsupported. Anybody toured in South or Central America? What would Greece or southern Spain be like then? SE Asia? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.


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Rob M (not verified)
Australia or NZ

long way to go but NZ is awesome.

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Jay (not verified)
SE Asia, Hawaii, Costa Rica & S Amer would all be good

Re Spain and Greece, check historical climate data on the internet or on an intl weather almanac in the library, but some places like Italy might be chilly and damp if not freezing then--I would prefer to go to places like those in Fall or Spring.

BTW there is a one in three chance of rain in Hawaii in Dec--I had less rain that that in the other 3 locations in the subject line at that time of year.

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Jay (not verified)
3 more thoughts

"I wrote an article about cycling in Hawaii in the NYCC Bulletin in 2005. Earlier this year I returned to that state and cycled 200 miles in Maui. Althoug I had previously cycled in Maui, this year I got to ride with the locals and saw the ""real Maui"" (off the tourist routes!) and concluded that it's the best cycling venue in Hawaii and as good as it gets anywhere. If you cannot get my article ask me in July to send it and the updated Maui version.

I omitted New Zealand, which also has excellent biking. The weather at that time of year also has a chance of rain. NZ itself is somewaht less$$$, but long flights.

If you want to go to either of these two places over the
holidays I recommend that you get your air reservations soon.


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