Saturday 5/27, A19/70+ "Crossing Over #3"

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  • Saturday 5/27, A19/70+ "Crossing Over #3"
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When: 9:30 AM
Starts: 23rd Street & West Side Bike Path
Finishes: Staten Island Ferry

Up to and over the GWB then south to Bayonne and deep into Staten Island before heading back on the Staten Island ferry. Terrain mostly flat with a number of good sized hills. Non-rotating paceline. Some improv. One food stop.

Bail options: right back over the GWB; ferry at Port Imperial; PATH from Hoboken; or straight across Richmond Avenue to the SI ferry.

Ride will be held if three or more RSVP: soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com

Check message board during the week for details and on ride morning for status.

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gy (not verified)
sorry cant make it (nm)
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Neile (not verified)
Starve the troll. (nm)
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Greg Faber (not verified)

I did this one on friday, just fyi, richmond terrace is super sucky right now, tons of cracks, bumps, holes and gravel.

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Neile (not verified)

Thanks for the heads up, but the route I'm planning doesn't include Richmond Terrace (it was always pretty rough.)

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