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Berkshires Dinner registration extended thru May 24.

We have received addition sign-ups for our Berkshire Weekend dinner and have extended the deadline to accommodate them.

You can sign up for the May 28th dinner via:

We need your Email address!

The weekend information packet will be distributed by e-mail. We need your email address. If you haven't provided it, or are not sure, email [email protected]. Also, let us know where you are staying.

Friday May 26 Train information

For cyclists riding from Metro North stations on Friday May 26th we have arranged for two trains from Grand Central Station to accommodate our groups:

The 8:50AM is for cyclists riding from Southeast (Brewster North), 60+ miles. If you are planning on taking this train please RSVP [email protected] which route you prefer, A or B or undecided.

The 9:48AM will accommodate cyclists riding from Dover Plains or Wassaic, 35-40 miles. These rides will be led by Paul Hofherr and Gary McGraime.

Whichever rain you take please arrive at GCT early enough to buy a ticket, find your way to the platform, to get your bike properly stored, etc, etc.

And Bring your MNRR Bike Pass!!

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joe askin (not verified)
how long does it take to drive from manhattan?

how long will it be if I'm driving?
and what time should I leave manhattan to meet cyclists on time for the 40+ mile portion. if anyone needs a ride from manhattan early friday or if I have to leave Thursday night, I can fit an extra bike

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driver too (not verified)
it's about 130 miles

It should take anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours from Manhattan; it's about 130 miles regardless of route.
Two choices: West Side Hwy/Saw Mill/Taconic/Taconic to exit for Rt 23 east/take 23 East into Massachusetts (South Egremont) and then Rt 7 to Great Barrington orSheffield.
Saw Mill/684/NY Route 22/Route 7 through Kent/Cornwall all the way up to Gbarrington.

Taconic is a speed trap thr enire way. Rts 22 and 7 can be slow. Depends on what you want to see.

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joe askin (not verified)

does anyone know where we will meet and what time we will ride on Friday. I'm a B rider and I read there will probably be two groups. Assuming I'm driving, where will we meet and at what time for riding in MA?

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Colleen (not verified)
B ride to Berkshires

The A and B rides will both leave from the Southeast stop on the Metronorth line. I'm not sure how you would drive, and do this ride, since the point is to ride from the train up to Sheffield or Great Barrington. Those who ride up from the train find someone to shuttle their luggage for them from NYC.

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