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I'm just curious as to whether I should join the club or get riding on my own first. I love to ride, but haven't been on a bike in years. I never timed myself or monitored my progress. I just want to ride with others rather than by myslef. NYC can be a scary place!

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E. Novélo (not verified)
My experience as a new rider

It’s unfortunate that you missed the SIG (special interest group). Like you, I started three year ago during Bike Month. From East 14th Street, I would take the subway to Central Park and do a couple of short laps. The north end of the park was overwhelming to me. Someone told me about the NYCC SIGs. I was in the C SIG last year and B SIG this year. Sunday, I completed my first Century (100 mile ride).

Until next spring's C SIG, you may want to ride with NYCC and other groups. There is a small group that is “new rider” friendly. They helped build my enthusiasm for riding. This is their website -

PS: Try not to make major cycling purchases for your first season, or at least post questions to this Bulletin Board before buying.

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Marcella (not verified)

"Stacey - Join. Join join join. I am a new member who thought that enjoying riding was not enough...because I did not ""know"" a lot about cycling, I somehow had not earned a spot in a cycling club, so I always rode alone. (Mistake number 1). I have yet to meet a member who does not wish they'd gotten involved sooner, and offers to help have been generous. You are probably a much better rider than you think you are; riding breeds confidence.

Sign up and do a C ride for starters. Or post a message, and you'll be amazed at how willing people are to ride with you.

Welcome in advance. Get in touch; I'm happy to chat.

[email protected]


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nycc member (not verified)

Stacey, You'd probably be better off contacting the 5bbc ,they have more suitable rides for you at this point .Riding with them will allow you to stop more often ,have a leader front & rear to keep an eye on you, they aren't so interested in going from point A to point B as fast as possible,rather trying to enjoy some of the flavor of the area your in .After doing rides with them you could check out the NYCC & be able to choose which one you prefer.------------You can check out all the rides for both clubs on their web sites w/o joining them.

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Hector (not verified)

"""they aren't so interested in going from point A to point B as fast as possible,rather trying to enjoy some of the flavor of the area your in.""

Unless I'm mistaken, I don't believe the C rides in the NYCC are interested in going from point A to point B as fast as possible. Stacey, I suggest you also consider NYCC. The people are great and filled with enthusiasm for cycling. Hope to see you out on the road!"

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
We DO smell the roses

Although it's true that some NYCC rides focus on getting from point A to point B as fast as possible, there are plenty of NYCC rides that simply focus on enjoying scenic routes by bicycle. I'm not sure why 'nycc member' assumed that you don't want to do a fast ride either; perhaps you do.

Take a look at this page of our website, which will give you a really good idea of what to expect on an NYCC ride: In particular, our means of determining where you fit into our ride classification system, by timing yourself on a four lap ride in Central Park, is pretty reliable. Come join us!

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
ride types at 5BBC

"In support of 5BBC, they also have faster point-to-point ride which they call ""quick spin"" rides, which are lots faster than the 5BBC's point-drop-sweep group style (and don't have PDS). Just that Quick SPins are more leader & group detimanant on the pace. I'd guestimate typically a B17-A19.

But yes, especially 5BBC ""Happy Face"" rides are geared toward entry level riders and very cruising paces (where you can draw a rose besides smell it). They have a good Beach Bum series in summer, as well. Plus interesting trips to neat destinations.


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Stacey (not verified)

I decided to join both 5BBC and NYCC...

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Beginners Welcome? YES!!

Hi Stacey,
I may be biased, but I think the NYCC would be a better club for you. Start on the slowest C rides and see how you feel about moving up to a faster and longer ride. I agree with Marcella: the people in the club are very friendly, welcoming, and encouraging. You will be a better rider (that means: you'll have more fun, you'll learn faster, and riding will be safer) if you ride with the NYCC than with the 5BBC (but this is just my opinion).
Welcome to the club!

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advice (not verified)

You made the right decision in joining both clubs to get the most ride choices. Many weeks the NYCC has no C rides or slow B rides at all.

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