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I was thinking of doing a 50-70 mile ride on Saturday at about A18 pace. Thinking of leaving from the Boathouse at 8:00AM. Destination has not been decided, but I am open to suggetions. Please post if you are interested.

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scott (not verified)
saturday ride

I'm interested. Are you thinking nyack or somewhere else?

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JM (not verified)
Slight Change of Plans

Scott - Since it looks like it is just you and me, I propose this: Meet at 8:40AM at the boathouse and consider the May March to the Beach ride to Oyster Bay (which is listed at B16-17).

I can also bring the NYACK cue sheet, and we can decide what to do. Feel free to email me at jonm [at] to discuss further


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Jon M (not verified)

Ok, didn't realize the other ride left from queens until now. Still leaving from the Boathouse at 9:00 if you care to join. Sorry for any confusion.

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