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My rear derailleur was all bent out of shape after a crash. I was trying to bend it back into shape when the dropout with derailleur broke completely off the aluminum frame.

Any suggestions on whether it can be repaired and who can do it? Thanks.

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An anonymous cow (not verified)

Does the bike have a removeable derailleur hanger? If so, replace it. From how you describe it, that's what I'd suspect.

If not, the bike is basically trash. You could have someone who welds aluminum attempt to TIG another hanger on there, but I doubt it would be cost effective.

BTW, were you really trying to bend the derailleur back with the derailleur attached to the frame? Or were you trying to re-bend the hanger with a hanger tool and derailleur removed?

- Christian

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chris o (not verified)
I was shocked, and very depressed

Yes I was trying to bend it back into shape with the derailleur attached to the frame. I never imagined it could snap off, but then again, I never did this before. Plus, I am use to steel frames. I assume that part of the frame was weakened in the crash, otherwise it would not have broken would it? (Please humor me here if that is not true.)

It is a Rocky Mountain Oxygen Race frame, circa 2001. I am not sure what a removable hanger is, but I really don't think this is what I have. It is clear the dropout is broken off, there is a slight jagged nature to the break. As mentioned, a wheel could be attached and this could be converted to a single speed, but that hardly helps me in the mountains, unless I have a ridiculously low gear.

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Sonny (not verified)

Does the DR hanger have small screws (usually allen) on the piece that is left attached to the frame. If so, the broken piece can be removed from the frame and a new one screwed in. If there are no screws, DR hanger is likely welded as an attachment to the frame and only a welder can put a new one on.

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Mike (not verified)

Check with Chelsea Bicycles - or better yet - convert it to a single speed.

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
broken DR hanger

"Too bad it's not steel.. Anyway, IF you R going to discard the bike ,yikes!!.I would like to attempt to repair it.. Welding Alluminum is a bit tricky and requires as the others mentioned, a TIG welder... BUT that is not to say it cannot be repaired some other way. maybe I can make a support plate to ""sandwich"" the hanger between the rear dropout and drill and tap a few screws to ""mechanically"" secure it in place. there are a lot of variables involved in this approch, so I must be able to see the darn thing. It might not look pretty but it might work ,and you can use the bike as a second knock- a-around !!! contact me off line to set up an ""inspection "" date. as always, all work to NYCC members is no charge for labor , pay only for parts that I don't have in the shop and have to purchase....Ciao"

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chris o (not verified)
Surprised and overjoyed

"All's well that ends well. Christian and Sonny, you were right about the derailleur hanger. That is what broke. I was at work so could not check until last night. (When it happened Wednesday evening, I took off my wheel and gave a cursory inspection, but was too bummed to inspect closely or deal with it further.)

Assuming no stores would have it, I found the exact part I needed here.
Derailleur hanger king

And Tony, thanks for your generous offer. I'll keep you in mind should I need your services."

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