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Anyone have advice on saddles that are good for women with narrower hips? I tried the Terry Butterfly, and my sitbones were bruised after just 20 minutes on my trainer. Any suggestions on saddles to try, or maybe bike shops in Manhattan that have a good selection of women's saddles to try out?


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big butt (not verified)

Ahhh....I wish I had your problem! I always joke that with the amount of padding on my butt it's amazing that it hurts as much as it does....

Anyway you should look at a mens saddle as they are typically designed for the smaller distances in a mens rear.

fizik has a super nice saddle out that is just too narrow for me or why not the mens version of the Terry butterfly

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happy sit bones (not verified)

I have a Specialized Jett Women's Saddle which is available in (3) widths, including a narrow one. I ordered it on their website after talking to them about how to determine my size (it wasn't difficult). It's a hard saddle and not cheap, but I'm happy with it (I use it for training and road races. I haven't tried it for multi-day, long distance riding, if that's what you do?).

It's much slimmer looking than other women's saddles:

But with your narrow sit bones, couldn't a men's saddle work for you?

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Jen (not verified)
Thank You

Thank you both for your help.

I never thought of trying a better men's saddle (I've been using the one that came with my bike for years, but it started chafing on longer rides). I think I'll look into that and the Jett saddles.


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liane (not verified)
Terry Men's Fly saddle

I've been using the Terry Men's Fly saddle for years. Good luck with your saddle search.

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Terry Liberator

I find the Terry Liberator most comfortable. It's been on my bike for a few years now but I THINK it's advertised as a man's saddle.

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