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Wondering if anyone is interested in tackling this saturday's A23 ride in the Catskills at a more leisurely A18-19 pace?

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JM (not verified)

I would like to do a ride at the A18-19 pace this Sat. I am riding the Bloomin Metric on Sunday, and don't care if I am a little slow, but don't want to be completely wiped out. Anyone else interested and care to weigh in?

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Steve Weiss (not verified)

This ride has an A23 pace listed. When we did this two years ago I did the distance in about 7 hr 18 min at probably around 17-18mph pace. I was not in the fastest group nor was I the slowest to complete the distance. In a long winded response, with all the climbing and distance this is a full day event. Four hours on the train, 7-8 hours in the saddle, an hour for lunch and possibly an another hour for mechanicals and incidental stops means up to 14 hours out and back to Grand Central. To do this ride at a slower pace implies another hour or so on the road. Either you would need to take a 6:51am train, if there is one or a much later return from Pouhgkeepsie. In spite of the logistics, it is a great ride.

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Carol Wood (not verified)

Make sure you get over the bridge pathway before dusk, when it (supposedly) closes. However, I've gotten over it just after sunset, and it was still open.

Of course, if delayed, you could always hitch a ride, or call a cab. I don't remember what the traffic lanes look like, if it's even thinkable to ride on them.

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Sonny (not verified)
Cue Sheet?

John, is it possible to get a cue sheet? I too would be interested in a slower pace not having the necessary fitness to do the ride at the speed of the A23 group. After having reviewed the cue sheet, maybe the A19 group can cut 30 or so miles out of the ride to do roughly a century to finish at a reasonable time.

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John Z (not verified)

One can cut out Sugarloaf->Red Hill Road (second hardest climb in New York State) and take 42 through Peekamoose over to 28A. This is about 100 miles. Route 42 through Peekamoose is stunning.

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