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Most message boards do have a few categories into which most of the threads can be listed. I was just trying to find the thread that I'd posted to not so long ago about bike frame materials etc. and couldn't find it. I would bet that many of the posts would go into categories like these:

Buying a bike / equipment
Ride cancellations / modifications
Road / bridge conditions / accidents

I'm sure you all could come up with just a few more. What think?

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karol (not verified)

here is the thread. you can search for content or author or both

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Marie Antoinette (not verified)

Great idea. Then we can easily find out how many pennies Richard R. was gypped out of recently.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
To: the unprincipled and understandably anonymous writer.

"See my reply to ""Rockefeller"" in the MiniMart thread...although there is a real liklihood it is you who is also hiding behind that name.

Interesting that both names assumed by these understandably anonymous people who are apparently devoid of caring for their fellow cyclists are known in history for their similar uncaring...and please don't you invoke the canard about JDR, Sr. trying to buy back his name with philanthropy and show us your greater ignorance of history to keep company with your lack of principle.

As I said in that other thread, I'm sure some of us would like to learn how much you've contributed to T.A., Right of Way, Recycle-A-Bicycle, Time's Up, et al. and what time, money, and effort you've expended to benefit your fellow cyclists and club members.

Please, by all means, go ahead and lie about this: since you hide behind your anonymity, who's to contradict you? The only thing holding you back from lying are scruples and integrity...but you've already satisfied me you're deficient in both."

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John Segal (not verified)

geez richard, chill.

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chris o (not verified)

geez john, chill

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