I'm pretty much done patronizing MiniMart (coming off Tweed).

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  • I'm pretty much done patronizing MiniMart (coming off Tweed).
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Not a thank you to any of the ten riders. Bananas that last week were 50¢ were 59¢ when charged by one person and 50¢ when charged by another. Overall high prices.

This is the deli just across the overpass on 9W as you would go into Piermont, or, from the other direction, coasting down from Tweed on 9W, where there's a pull-in parking lot and immigrant day laborers congregate hoping to find work.

The previous owner was friendly and appreciative enough; the new ones, especially the woman, are not.

Compare and contrast: the owner of the market on the canal road where there is the road crossing the canal very specifically, some past week, thanked the group for stopping.

Conclusion: I invite you to join me in withholding your patronage from the MiniMart.

And is there no such place outside of Piermont but near it where there is a toilet?

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John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (not verified)
Poor guy can't win in Piermont.

Poor guy can't win in Piermont. 9 cents at the deli, 16 cents at the bike shop...

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Little wonder this unprincipled man hides behind anonymity

Obviously, the writer who absconds with John D. Rockefeller's name is incapable of being indignant on behalf of, and for the benefit of others or understanding those who are.

I'm sure some of us would like to learn how much you've contributed to T.A., Right of Way, Recycle-A-Bicycle, Time's Up, et al. and what time, money, and effort you've expended to benefit your fellow cyclists and club members.

Please, by all means, go ahead and lie about this: since you hide behind your anonymity, who's to contradict you? The only thing holding you back from lying are scruples and integrity...but you've already satisfied me you're deficient in both.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Another Anonymous Post

Hey John,
Why don't you post with your real name? Afraid of something? I'll spare you my usual comments about cowards hiding behind the apron strings of anonymity, but in the future, please identify yourself.

I was at the deli with Richard on Sunday and Richard is right, their service is horrible. They don't have a clue, and they're very unfriendly besides. I agree with Richard 100% about finding another place to eat.

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Walter Lindsay (not verified)
I am glad you agree

They charged me $2.50 for a small Gatorade. They would not let me use the toilet and the place reeks.

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Jay (not verified)
Piermont facilities and stores

Canova's market along the canal, near the old silk mill (red brick bldg) is much cleaner. Carl, Mike and other family members are courteous, etc.

Tallman State Park's facilities should be open by now.
Also the bike shop(look at the store windows and the bathroom door) & Bunbury's(formerly Runcible) coffee shop allow cyclists to use their facilities.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Canzone's in Piermont

I think the name is Canzone's. Yes, it's a great deli and the people there are very nice. It's family owned and run. You'll find the father and his two sons there, maybe a sister or a mom too, I'm not sure. They've always been very friendly and the hand made sandwiches are excellent. It's a lovely old-fashioned place. I recommend it highly. If going in a group, you might want to call them a little before you arrive and they'll prepare sandwiches so you don't have to wait. They don't have a public restroom.

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Michael Oddy (not verified)

I too was on that ride on Sunday with Richard and also remember the high prices and terrible service. I remeber thinking that the woman was indifferent to whether or not I patronized the store. Maybe she had a bad day? In any case, my vote is to try another place.

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