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I'm told finding River Road once you get off the GW bridge is tricky the first time--does anyone have directions to River Road? Is the route circular or do you just turn around and come back the same way? (I need hill work and am dying to try it out!) Thanks

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Michael Casey (not verified)
After crossing the GWB...

Go left. Go through the light, bearing to the right. Go left at the stop sign down the hill. The entrance is on the downhill, on the left--beware of uncoming traffic coming up the hill as you turn.

You can return by doubling back or via 9W.

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Colleen (not verified)
a bit more

when you're going down the hill stay on the inside of the lane near the center line, so cars traveling south with you can pass you on the right and you can turn left into the entrance to River Rd. You'll see a hot dog truck just before the entrance and then an open gate to the road.

If you want to go back via 9W, you'll go past the police station and head left up to the light, and turn left on 9W (of course) to head back. But, I recommend returning on River Rd. for more hill work and a prettier trip back. Also, many cyclists head down to the Alpine boat basin to do a slighter longer climb for hill repeats up to the police station.

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Andy Elder (not verified)
Or, you can approach it from the north.

"In order to do repeats on Alpine/Ranger Station Hill (a very popular local hill for this exercise), you can get to 9W by taking a right turn off the bridge 'til the road Ts. Take a left on Palisades Ave. and take the first right turn onto 9W heading north.

Take 9W for a few miles (between 5 and 7). You'll come to a slight rise with a turn-off on your right. Looking right, you'll see an overpass (probably the Palisades Pkwy. overhead) and a road that dips down somewhat. There's a traffic light at this turn and a sign, but I can't recall the sign. (Possibly something like ""state police"" or ""courthouse"" or ""Alpine boat basin."") Turn right here, and then bear right. Very shortly, on your left, you'll pass a parking lot and couple of small buildings (the ranger station/courthouse. They have bathrooms and a water fountain inside--make sure you leave your bike at the bike stand, though, not leaning on the rails out front). Continue downhill (watch for the rough pavement and a sandy section at the top--PROCEED WITH GREAT CAUTION, please) 'til you arrive at a small roundabout. You've just gone down what will be your ""hill"" for repeats. To further the challenge, you can go 3/4 of the way around the roundabout and down a further little grade, stopping at the parking lot at the bottom.

Turn around and climb, taking the roundabout 1/4 of the way around and ascending the hill you descended a couple of minutes back. Lather, rinse, repeat, then use the route in reverse to get back to the GWB.

Enjoy, and don't forget to breathe while climbing."

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rtmb (not verified)

What if there is no break in the oncoming traffic before the left turn? It seems like it would be very dangerous to just stop right there at the centerline. And sometimes, there really is no break. There must be a better way. But seriously, what if there is no break (including no opportunity to veer to the right side of the lane you are in due to cars behind)? What do you do? Stop? Go down the hill? It's usually heavy in both directions.

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John Miller (not verified)

You stay in the left lane. As a vehicle waiting to make the turn, you have every right to be there. Most drivers in that area are familiar with cyclists turning off for River Road and may give right of way.

Keep your courage. Make the turn as a car would.

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