most direct route to Bear Mountain (Lake Welch parking lot)?

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  • most direct route to Bear Mountain (Lake Welch parking lot)?
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Can anyone tell me the most direct route to get to the Bear Mountain race on Sunday morning? It starts at the Lake Welch parking lot at Exit 16 off Palisades Parkway.

My friends want to come watch us race and I want to get them there in a non-roundabout-way.


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Steve (not verified)

By car I would take the palisades to exit 16.

By bike, straigt up 9W.

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John Miller (not verified)

"The most direct route by car from the city is over the Triboro Bridge, then North on Interstate 87 (the Major Deegan/NY Thruway). A few minutes after crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge, take the exit for the Palisades Interstate Parkway, and take the PIP north to exit 16, a left lane exit. The exit puts you on Lake Welch Drive. Follow Lake Welch drive and the signs for ""Lake Welch Beach."" The parking lot will be on the south side of the road."

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ML (not verified)
by bike

I am in fact looking for the way by bike. My friends are carless and my car is full of racers. So, they should just follow 9w all the way until they hit it?


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
To Lake Welch

Take 9W north to Stony Point, left on Rte 106 (which appears on some old maps as Rte 210) into Harriman State Park. To get to Lake Welch Parkway, make a left just after passing the lake onto Johnsontown Rd. I don't know where the parking lot is.

I hope your friends are leaving early.

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mike (not verified)
two entrances to parking lot

stay on gate hill road/210 and after passing Johnston road,(sign for st johns church in wilderness) there is an entrance to the parking lot on your right.

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Michael S (not verified)
Definitely not the Triborough - Thruway

Most direct route by car is the GW Palisades Parkway till you see signs for Lake Welch. 10 miles shorter and often 30 min faster than the Thruway/TZ.

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Rob M (not verified)
If you are riding...

... remember to check what time the GWB opens.

I would hate for you to have to wait.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
GWB sidewalk

"From the PA website:

Thursday, May 11, 11:59 pm until 6 am Friday morning
Friday, May 12, 11:59 pm until 6 am Saturday morning
Saturday, May 13, 11:59 pm until 6 am Sunday morning
Sunday, May 14, 11:59 pm until 6 am Monday morning
Monday, May 15, 11:59 pm until 6 am Tuesday morning
Tuesday, May 16, 11:59 pm until 6 am Wednesday morning
Wednesday, May 17, 11:59 pm until 6 am Thursday morning

The south sidewalk is closed in accordance with the above schedule. The north sidewalk remains closed around-the-clock until further notice.

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