5/13 B SIG Armonk post SIG fun make up ride for the B17s & B16s

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  • 5/13 B SIG Armonk post SIG fun make up ride for the B17s & B16s
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Probably on, but not 100% sure yet - so continue to watch this thread. If the roads are dry we are on, if the roads are wet in the morning we will cancel. As of this post forecasts give us a good chance of dry pavement, but the possibility does exists for damp pavement. I will be updating this message thread as needed, making final “call” no later than 7:15 AM Saturday morning. This particular route does give us bail out options; subway followed by Metro North & subway again closer to home. So if we do get to cycle, make sure you carry your Metro North pass & metrocard.……….mark for the B SIG Team

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
5/13 B SIG Armonk ride for the B17s & B16s is on

Our ride is on, next stop Armonk...mark for the B SIG fun ride

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Rick Braun (not verified)
yesterday's ride

Thanks again, Mark, for inspiring this ride and for overseeing the whole B SIG! You did a marvelous job with both. Yesterday ended up being a great day of riding, delicious cheesecake, and good company.

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