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Has anyone out there had any experience with having a road bike retrofitted with couplings to turn it into a travel bike?


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Rich (not verified)

I personally haven't, but I've heard nothing but good things about them. The website is great, with a lot of photos, technical information, reviews, and companies that do the retrofitting.

FYI: you can retrofit steel, ti, and certain carbon frames, as long as the tubes have round shape. it apparently doesn't work with alu frames. also, make sure that you go *only* with one of the manufactures specified on the S & S website. There are a few knockoffs out there that aren't as good.

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Rich (not verified)
Just had a 1999 Seven Axiom Frame done

Just had a 1999 Seven Axiom Frame done by Bilenky. I haven't had the time to build it up yet so I can't tell you how it feels. Howvever, Pieter Maessen had a Merlin done by Bilenky last year and he was going 45+ mph in the Pyrennees last July with it so it must have been very well done.

$650 for titanium and $450 for steel couplers
$450 for the travel case/kit

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Pieter Maessen (not verified)
coupling rocks !

...actually it was 54 mph (86 km/h).

I got a Merlin Agilis retrofitted by Bilenky. I rode the bike before it was chopped in two pieces and feel no difference. Bilenky does a great job.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
S &S coupler retrofitter in Phila.

Harry Havnoonian (HH Racing) in Philadelphia (Media, that's a town name contiguous to Phila.). Tel.: (610) 565-9535. E-mail: [email protected]

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Carolyn Booher (not verified)
Thanks for the input (nm)
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