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Hi all! ia m selling my Giant OCR 2- a great first road bike or good for a trainer! it is a 2003, great condition, retails for almost $900. Would love to see it go to a good home. I am negotible on the price, $500 was what i was thinking. Please contact if interested.

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sarah (not verified)

what size?
what components, gearing, etc.?


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dana (not verified)
components and gearing

shimano components, they are tiagra, gearing is a triple chain ring, totally standard.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
More importantly, what color?

Red, for example, is known to be 1-2mph faster than any other color.

White is for refrigerators.


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dana (not verified)

"so red makes a bike faster? do polka dot jerseys make you climb better too???

the bike is ""Team Blue"" (has silver and white accents, not a bad paint job, frame is a small, componets and gearing are shimano tiagra, triple chain ring...

my new bike is carbon and orange, what does that mean?"

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An anonymous cow (not verified)

That it's an Orbea, undoubtedly.

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somebody (not verified)

There is absolutely no doubt that red bikes and tires and basically any part is DRAMATICALLY faster if it is red.

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dana (not verified)
size and color!

"a true cyclist always wants to know the color first, LOL!

it is blue (with silver and white accents"" and the frame is a small, which fits up to about 5 6"" if i am not mistaken"

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Kevin (not verified)

Is is still available? Kevin

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Karen N (not verified)
Dana please contact me

Or send your number/email and I will contact you.

I have a good home for your bike :), and can pick it up this week. I know the size will be perfect because I have owned a Giant in that size. No test ride needed.

Thanks a million.
- Karen
[email protected]

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
condition, approx mileage?

Possible to do a test ride? Where is it/you located?


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Roberto Henais (not verified)

There is significant research that proves that red bikes are faster. There is no question.

Also white shoes, they will make you fast.

Polka Dots jerseys are a fad, they will not make you climb better.

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