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Can anyone tell me how I can find out what time slots are left for the LIRR home from Montauk to Penn station? I dont want to pay 80 bucks and then find out that the only times home are 7 pm. help..
PS ive never done this ride before so if i got it all wrong, let me know

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terry (not verified)
montauk return rides

I'd imagine you could find that info on the web site:
perhaps You'll see some fellow sigies.

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Richard P. (not verified)
I'm co-leading a group of sigees

If you want to join me and some fellow A-19 sigees, we are doing the 100mile route starting at Babylon. Details are posted in the ride listings.

Email me to RSVP or if you want me to send you the details (ie. can't access the listing). [rprev2 at yahoo dot com] Terry might join us as well? (I just sent you an email). Sorry, I don't know about the return train time.


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éN (not verified)
May 21 LIRR Return 3:37, 5:39 & 7:34

Good question. It's first come first serviced. This is the schedule: 3:37 PM, 5:39 PM, 7:34 PM. Most riders finish between 2PM & 5PM. LIRR will be adding cars. To get on the 3:37, it's a good idea to be at the station by 2:45 - Murphy's Law. (Arrives @ Penn 6:37 8:37 and 10:37).

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[email protected] (not verified)

thanx for the replies...
do you know what time the 3:37 arrives at babylon? 3 hours is a damn long train ride

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Carol (not verified)
Look it up

"Go to LIRR and enter the starting station and the ending station and you can get the schedule."

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[email protected] (not verified)

thank you...

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montaukrider (not verified)
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JOSH (not verified)

I am looking for riders who want to ride the century with me on the 21st. I have been riding with the A19 riders and would like to ride at nice pace in the morning, then slow down and enjoy the Eastern part of Long Island. Please contact me if you are riding the 140-miles.

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