Stiffest, smoothest, fastest, lightest wheels under $1000

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Any suggestions?

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Rick (not verified)

Stiffness & Smoothness being the 1st priorities.

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John Segal (not verified)

Stiff and Smooth?

36 hole Dura Ace Hubs with spokes tied & soldered to Mavic Open Pro Rims.

That will do it.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Tying and Soldering

"""36 hole Dura Ace Hubs with spokes tied & soldered...""



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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Under $1,000?

We all know that the more wheels cost, the better they are: stiffer, smoother, faster, lighter. ;-)

So coming in a little less than $1,000, you can get a Topolino Revelation C19 or Fulcrum Racing 1 or Campagnolo Eurus or Shimano 7801 SL Clincher wheelset.

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Rick (not verified)

Thanks guys! Just what I was looking for :)

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David Blume (not verified)
Speed Dream - Dave Thomas

The best hand built wheels anywhere - and a fraction of the cost of the big brand wheels.

check him out at

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Matt P. (not verified)

Also the best handbuilt wheels anywhere. And you can take the train out to Bayport, LI, to meet the builder!

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SAB (not verified)

Also try a Mike Garcia Speedcific wheel. A set will cost you around 600-800 bucks and they get rave reviews.

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Hector (not verified)
Zipps on eBay

I have had very good luck buying Zipps on eBay. You can usually grab a 2004 or 2005 used set of 303's for around $800 or so plus around $30 for shipping. Now those are light, stiff, smooth and fast! Did I mention that they are fast?

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