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"I saw the end result of a really bad bike accident on River road between Palisades Ave and Alpine on Sunday around 11:30am. A guy who looked to be about 5'10"" and was riding a hybrid was down and not moving. Two cops where there trying to help him. Anyone know if he's OK? It was pretty chilling. There was a roadie standing near by.

A rider I saw later that day mentioned seeing an accident around then - we weren't sure if it was the same one. But he mentioned that when they called 911, the emergency operators couldn't figure out where they were. So he had to ride up to the Alpine police station. Anyone know the phone number for that station? I'm going to add to my cell phone from now on.


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Steve (not verified)

I hate to hear about things like this. The sand on the final climb to the police station always makes me nervous when going back down.

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Alpine (not verified)
Police emergency: 201 768-6001
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Evan Marks (not verified)
Emergency operators look at the map

"Unfortunately, they couldn't find the accident because ""River Rd"" is not the name on the map - it's actually called Henry Hudson Dr, and the northern section is Alpine Approach Rd."

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John Miller (not verified)

As much I dislike potentially antagonizing the PIPC -- the new paving really is lovely -- the sand on Alpine approach represents an actively negligent hazard for either the commission or the contractor in that area. Hopefully that cyclist's first call -- or his family's -- was to a lawyer. We could probably squawk by phone or e-mail all we want to the Commission, but a process server will always get more attention, and immediate action.

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bill (not verified)

This accident wasn't on or near the Alpine big hill. It was much closer to the Palisades Ave exit than Alpine. Maybe about 150 yards north of the gate they sometimes put up. Also I couldn't tell whether they had been going north or south.

Nevertheless, I agree that the Alpine hill really needs some work. Although if they resurfaced it I hate to see how many bladers and boarders get squished there.

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Andy Elder (not verified)
That sand is a major danger.

"I agree about the sandy section. I was doing hill repeats on the Alpine section this weekend and, while I was fortunately never close to sliding out or hitting the deck, I can easily see someone descending and either sliding out on the loose grains spread across the road or catching a front wheel in one of the inch-plus-deep piles along the side of the road.

Everyone needs to take special care to apply their brakes BEFORE getting to that section. Really reduce your speed BEFORE you get to the sandy part and slowly cruise through the sand on the way down. If you're applying your brakes while going through the sand, you'll almost certainly slide out, and NO ONE WANTS THIS TO HAPPEN. As it happens, one is turning/leaning towards the right (often considered the ""weak-side turn"") as they're going through the sand as well--an additional hazard.

As if the road's not rutted-up enough. I was carefully scanning the road surface ahead while descending this weekend, but I still cringed and winced my way down the hill to the boat basin due to catching a crater here or there. I was far more concerned that I'd pinch-flat on one of the ruts and, at relative speed, lose control of the front of the bike as a tire came off the rim.

I do wish they'd recognize the road as a park and that people play there; that it's there for recreation for all and not just for cars with boats attached--or, as on Sunday, for some trashy sort of wannabe-race-car convention (a bunch of Toyotas and Mazdas semi-souped-up to be loud and, dare I say, macho). Rant over.

Cheers, and safe riding.

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Karol (not verified)
The sand?

Does anyone know if the sand will be removed? It's not only dangerous, it dirties up your bike like a winter road. That sucks.

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