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I am planning to ride from Montreal to NYC this June and would greatly appreciate any information on a good - and DIRECT - route (my time is limited).

Any other advice would be highly valued as well.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer. Feel free to email me directly if you wish.


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Ron (not verified)

Search on Montreal . . . threre were some recent posts about NY=>Montreal

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Susan R (not verified)
cycling Montreal to NYC

"NY state has a designated bike route, and good bike maps, coming south along some of the ""9"" routes; up by Lake Champlain, it runs along the W. side of that lake. You can get maps for free from NYS DOT.

VT has several routes running along the E. side of Champlain that give better views of the lake, and the mtns west of the lake, and you can easily hook up with the NYS routes once you clear south of the lake. I think they're called ""Lake Champlain bikeways""

I know the Vt side fairly well and can help there if you want to pursue that route.

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