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There is a bike shop in NJ for $100 runs a test to calculate max heart rate, VO2 max, etc. Link is below.
Has anyone every had a professional measurement taken? Recommendations?

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Rob M (not verified)
Don't know

You can also go to R&A:

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Author: (not verified)
Another recommendation

"Would recommend TARGETRAINING

Review on nyvelocity.

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don montalvo (not verified)

"nismat used to do vo2 testing back when i raced (my highest was 179). beth glace was the contact over there back then.


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Niko (not verified)
I would recommned a lactate threshold test over VO2 and in NYC

I would recommend a lactate threshold test over a VO2 MAX test (its more trainable + you get more information from it that you can actually use) and in NYC an outfit called Nutrifit NYC does them - the guy who performs the tests (in his house) is a cycling coach and exercise specialist. I have no affiliation with him other than he performed one on me 2 weeks ago :) his website is here:

Tell him Niko sent you and he won't draw too much blood from you during the test :)

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