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Do any of you head out to the Hamptons over the summer? I'd be interested in getting together to form a group ride with an early start (before too many cars are out) on the weekends. Reply here or shoot me an email.

Likewise, if you know of any existing groups out there, I'd be interested to hear of them (for example, I believe Rotations in Southampton organizes rides).



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Karen (not verified)
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There are indeed group rides with Rotations bicycle shop in Southhampton. I did them last summer and they were wonderful. You pay a small fee to be a member for the summer, or you can pay for a ride at a time.; They serve brunch at the club after the rides. The rides start every sat & sunday mornings - early (8am) and you're done by noon or 2pm latest depending on the rides. They break up into different groups every ride so you can choose what you're up to (A20 pace or C16 or lots in between). It's a great group! I'll be out there again this summer for 1/2 the summer.
Plus you get a discount at the store for being a member.

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Fred (not verified)
Bikehampton and Rotations

Both Bikehampton in Sag Harbor and Rotations in Southampton (http://www.rotationsbicyclecenter.com) have group rides on weekend mornings. My experience has been that Rotations attracts a bigger turnout and has different groups at different abilities, whereas Bikehampton may just have one big group going off encompassing various levels.
In both cases, it's good to get there early and introduce yourself to the people organizing the rides right away, because most of the riders know which group they're in and the groups just sort of collect and set off. If you wait around to try to sort things out, you might find that the group you were hoping to join has already left.

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