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Anyone know a bar/restaurant/club where i can watch the Giro d'Italia?

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Scott Urista (not verified)

I don't know of any bars, but you might be able to watch it at home on your PC, for a price. From http://www.olntv.com/cyclysm/

Catch LIVE streaming video of the 2006 Giro d’Italia here on OLNTV.com -- the online destination for professional cycling. The broadband video, in combination with OLN’s television coverage, will allow you minute-by-minute access to the Giro d’Italia. The Sunday stages of the Giro will commence on Sunday, May 7 as part of OLN’s weekly Cyclysm Sundays show at 5pm ET. The Monday-Saturday stages can be accessed without commercial interruption here on OLNTV.com for only $19.99. Sign ups will begin on April 3. All video will include English commentary. Your online subscription will also include access to video archives of Monday-Saturday stages, and race highlights from other world class cycling races, like the Milan-San Remo and the Tirreno-Adriatico.

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Alan (not verified)
Time Warner

If you have the Digital (DTV) package from Time Warner Cable you can subscribe to RAI (the Italian network), channel 505. They are carrying the Giro and, while you won't be able to listen to Phil Liggett, you can work on your Italian.

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Robert (not verified)
Free live online transmission

For the RAI's coverage try: http://www.media.rai.it/mpmedia/0,,Sport%5E4292,00.html

Live coverage in Italian.

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Herb (not verified)


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Jud Santos (not verified)
Thank you!

Thank you for that, Robert! That was an awesome stage this morning!

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