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This Saturday's route is Katonah/Cold Spring not HArriman Hills #2.
But we will be meeting at 9am to be in sync with the scheduled start time of the published ride.

The forecast has improved. There nowis a chance of showers in the afternoon.

We will be riding in Westchester & Putnam Counties near Metro North all day: Mamaronack early, then Harlem Line stations Katonah, Croton Falls, Brewster, etc.

There are several other rides converging on Cold Spring. There might be cyclist congestion getting aboard trains. It may pay to plan a dinner up there.

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
earlier start for Saturday's ride???

I'd rather start at 8am too. The 9am was an error to start with.

But I feel bound to the 9am time since both the bulletin and weekly email went out with that time.

I know the web page says so, but I think it's too late now. We can't rely on all riders planning to check the msg board. I've already heard from one rider who can make a 9am start, not the 8am one.

The route to Brewster via Carmel is about 70mi and lots of climbing. You may miss the 18 mile finale into Cold Spring, but as I mentioned there's a good possibility of major cyclist congestion on the train platform there and if an early arrival in GCT is required, a departure from Brewster is a good idea.

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Gerald Seppey (not verified)
A19 Spring Training Series Ride #10

We started at 8:00AM last Saturday and I believe I was not the only one to prefer the earlier start. Would you consider started again at 8?

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Please be early, we will leave ASAP after 9AM

unless we are waiting for Ron...

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Ron Roth (not verified)
You've already given me an extra hour.....

of unexpected, blissful sleep. (I was expecting the 8am departure that Gerald was asking for). With that in mind, I can give back 10 minutes of that time so as to be in the park early.
BTW - I just found out about the listing on the website being wrong. Timothy admonished me for not informing him about the change. I had been preparing for a certification test that I took (and passed, thankfully) today for most of the week. I guess you must have been busy as well. Frankly, we both screwed this one up!

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