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I have to go to an event at Princeton University next month, but I want to ride my bike. Anyone have any experience riding from the UWS to the campus at Princeton University? Send me a cue sheet or suggestions either here or privately to [gotbicycle at hotmail dot com] Thanks!

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Jersey guy (not verified)
There is no great way to get across northeastern NJ

You can ride over the GWB, but then if you head south into Hudson and Essex Counties you run into bad roads and heavy traffic until you get to Elizabeth. I've yet to find a great route through that stretch. Once in Elizabeth, you can take Route 27 all the way to Princeton (it's busy at times but doable), though there are more scenic and less travelled alternatives. As I recall, there is an old cue sheet online somewhere that takes you from the GWB to Philadelphia. If you followed that until you reached Route 27 amd took 27 south, you would get to Princeton. I'll try to find it.

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Jersey guy (not verified)
Try this

Call me crazy, but I think I have a good general plan from the GWB where you avoid the major highways and are able to cross major bodies of water. I don't have a cue sheet and this is a very do-it-yourself approach. But I have ridden and or driven through all of these towns and I think it can work. The problem is you can't stay on the same road for very long until you get to Route 27. I wish somebody had already done a cue sheet. Maybe someday I will.

In the meantime, go to:

Dustin Farnum does a great job making sense of NJ's confusing and sometimes dangerous road network, with cycling in mind.
This will give you recommendations on routes all over NJ. Using those maps, design your own route by viewing maps for the following towns, in order: You will essentially start by going north and west from the GWB, then heading south, eventually picking up Route 27 in Rahway, to continue all the way to Princeton.

The towns you would travel through, in order, are:

Fort Lee
South Orange

If you ever design a workable cue sheet, post it. There are people every few months on this board asking for a good way from Manhattan to Central NJ. Finding a good route would be like discovering the Northwest Passage.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Manhattan to Princeton

"You can try piecing a route together from this site:

Or from the old cue sheet library (starting from Newark):

I created a nice route a little while ago (the cue sheet is in an unfinished state, so I'd be hesitant to share it yet) that avoids busy roads and goes as far as Warren, then returns to Newark. I could easily extend it to Princeton. My route would be something like this:

Fort Lee
Cliffside Park
Ridgefield Park
South Orange
Bound Brook

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

Save yourself the hassle and start from Newark.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Ditto (nm)
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Maggie Clarke (not verified)
Suggestion for Princeton ride

Richard Stevens keeps telling me he rides in this area. I'm sure he can help. Pls email me for his number (he's not on email)

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Chaim Caron (not verified)

If you get stuck, email me, I have a cue sheet somewhere and I'll dig it up for you. I've never ridden it but I believe it is a very good one. It starts out by taking the Path train to Newark.

Best regards, Chaim

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