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Anyone else doing the 145mi distance for the Montauk Century?

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Ron Gentile (not verified)

You betcha. It'll be my first time doing the ride.

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JOSH (not verified)

Hey can I join you for the 140?

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Bob Shay (not verified)
May do it again

I did this ride last year. It was a lot of fun - and very fast since there are virtually no hills.

I may do it again provided I can get a last minute deeply discounted fee.


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rob (not verified)
montauk pass

My friend is selling his Montauk pass:
adamthomas (at)

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carl (not verified)

Will be my 4th time. Another nycc-er will be joining me - his first time.

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JOSH (not verified)

I am riding from Penn Station on the 21st. Its a great ride. Anyone interested in riding together? 140 is the way to go!
email me!
[email protected]

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