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What do you do when someone in CP starts drafting off you?

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Donald (not verified)

Stop pedaling. If you don't want them there, slow down. But don't brake abruptly. While amusing, it could bring you down too, so not worth it.

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JimBob (not verified)

In general I do nothing. It is somewhat rude to draft and not say anything but it happens all the time. I figure I am there to get a ride in and would be leading myself anyway. I just ride my own pace and let be. If the person is all over the road than I would say something and move out of the way.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
What to do

a) Accelerate and ride the person off your wheel.
b) Slow down, wait till he's beside you, then stick your pump in his spokes. Serves him right! ;-)

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
Say Thank You for the extra speed!

Those of us who attended Peter Matusevich(sp?)'s talk learned that the rider in front (i.e. pulling) benefits (to the tune of 3% if memory serves correctly) from having someone draft behind him/her.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

The speed limit in CP is 15mph. I'm shocked, shocked and appauled that people need to draft at that speed. You wouldn't exceed the limit, would you?

Was there a mighty head wind?

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Sienna (not verified)
What I do

"Turn your head to the side and spit all over their front wheel (or leg). Then exclaim, ""Oh my god, I didn't know you were there!""

This actually happened... It was kind-of embarrassing for me. But then I realized that it got the guy off my wheel pretty quickly.

Of course you could also use it as motivation: ""This guy must think I'm really strong; look at me, I'm pulling this clearly inferior rider around the park; I'm getting a much better workout.""

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Greg Faber (not verified)

I was asking because this guy was going super fast and so I followed him for a bit but felt really bad about just tagging along. I ended up just dropping behind several feet and paced him instead.

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Smiley (not verified)
Nothing wrong but be cautious

Be sure (s)he knows you're there. Nothing wrong then if you know what you're doing (don't get as close as you would with a riding partner).(S)he can react the way (s)he wants (asking you tu pull for example).

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rb (not verified)

yes, there is something wrong - it's poor etiquette to just jump on someone's wheel - you should at least ask if the person minds you joining them for a bit

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Smiley (not verified)

I agree. That's what I meant by letting the other person know...

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Arty (not verified)

Nobody is going to draft you unless you are in really good shape. Why can't you guys just consider it a compliment. I get drafted almost every time in the park, and I have never taken offense, and never slowed down. If I do not want them to draft me, I'll just drop them on the first hill.
Real bikers do not get insulted, they just drop you.
Stop the whining!

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don montalvo (not verified)

...let 'em draft you...less drag to deal with.


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Bob Shay (not verified)
"Turns into a fast paced ""race"""

"This happened to me a lot and I really enjoyed it, most of the time.

When coming from behind, I would draft until the rider in front realized I was there (6am in morning)- takes about 1-2 minutes. Then, I would pull around her and very, very gradually accelerate. If the rider is in pretty good shape, she will draft me. I continue to gradually accelerate. If she is game, she will stay with me and then go for the pass - takes about 1/4 a lap of the park. If that happens, it turns into a really fun 1 to 2 lap ""race"" where we both gradually accelerate and each of us trades the lead until someone gets dropped. That's what I love about riding in the park in the early morning.


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Jamie (not verified)
fast paced race

If you want to draft someone ask them, usually people have said something like 'do you want to lap it out' (i.e. take turns drafting) The person either has their own agenda and declines or will gladly accept, any training ride is easier and goes faster when you are riding with someone else or doing something to take your mind off the monotony of looping central park. If someone is up for a fast paced race it can add extra intensity to your training ride that you would not normally get, ... just remember not to break the 15Mph speed limit ...ha ha

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hogwich guy (not verified)
sounds like you wanna race?

join crca.

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