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This is- to commemorate your miles,
This is- to honor your commitment.
This is- to celebrate your love of the sport.

This is a jersey made with you in mind.

Limited edition jersey- http://www.nycc.org/images/temp/sigjersey.jpg
Sizing info.- http://www.louisgarneau.com/usa/ctm_catalog.asp?catalogue=C6

Bring a check for $66 made out Marcy Bloomstein to your ride this Saturday. That’s the cut-off.
Or contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more info.

Buy one. Buy two.
Besides, when you wear this jersey, you will ride faster. Promise.

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Steve (not verified)

Which cut is it? Is it the pro fit?

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the jersey team (not verified)

"it's the ""classic"" fit.

any other sizing questions contact marcy or jane."

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Size Matters (not verified)
Or is it the Pro Fit?

I keep looking at that sizing link without finding any useful sizing information. It looks like it is saying that the style is Classic and the fit is Pro Fit, which would be slimmer than the new club jersey. It's kind of tough to make arrangements to try it on and also have your $66 check ready tomorrow.

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DvB (not verified)
Sising questions

"The ""classic"" jersey appears to have several different options for cut:


Should we assume it's the ""pro fit""?

Here's the sizing chart:


Note that there's a separate sizing chart at the bottom for ""Eurofit"" jerseys."

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