Bike Rentals??

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Anyone know of a place in Manhattan (pref. midtown) to a rent a bike for the day? I am thinking about taking a day trip across the GW on saturday. Possibly looking to buy a used bike for the summer if the price was right.


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hannah (not verified)

A comprehensive though dated list is at To buy an inexpensive used bike, check out


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David C. (not verified)
Upper West Site Rental

For what it's worth, I know that Metrobicycles at Broadway and 96th rents roadbikes by the day.

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Steve (not verified)

Toga - West End Ave in the 60's.

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
Chelsea Bikes on 26th in between 6th & 7th: (646) 230-7715
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Evan Marks (not verified)

Pedal Pusher, 2nd Av (68th-69th), 212.288.5592

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