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I recently went into a (as of yet unmentioned)LBS looking for some pedals/shoes. 1st time buyer of clipless pedals. Did alittle research online/mag. but wanted to see what was what at the shop. Unfortunetly told the guy I was a 1st timer and was interested in the speedplays. Was directed, however, to some discontinued LOOK 396 pedals that worked well in the shop and was told was a good deal at $100 beans. Without researching first, i bought them that day. Now, after reading the reviews on line, I'm appalled at the shop. Review after review of the spindle cracking and pedals falling off mid-ride, of loud creaking noises, etc. etc. Do I have any chance of getting my money back or at least some store-credit or deal to work out w/ the LBS? or is this a case of buyer-beware and I'm stuck? Thanks in advance

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Popeye Doyle (not verified)

Still better than the speedplays.

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Rick (not verified)

speedplays can't be that bad! After hearing the reviews on the 396's I wouldn't even sell them to someone on ebay. I've now settled on getting Ultegra's or DuraAce. I hope I don't have to eat these pedals.

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Inga (not verified)
Look 396

I have been using these pedals for 1.5 years already, and have had zero issues with them--no cracking, no creaking, no unclipping on hills, and no, they haven't fallen off mid-ride as of yet.

Granted they are not the lightest and the best looking ones out there, but they work perfectly.

I do think $100 is a bit too much for them (I think I paid around $80 online--and that was a while back).

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<a href="http://www.OhReallyOreilly.com">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Have you asked the shop for a refund? (nm)
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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

Look 396 pedals are fine pedals. They creak at the cleat interface like all metal Looks, and they're perhaps not as nuevo-pro as the Shimano SPD-SL pedal, but they're totally fine pedals.

I don't really see an issue here.

And as much as I like the free float of the Speedplay X/ series, the cleats are mega-expensive, wear out fast, and allow your feet to roll when worn. All in all, not perfect either.

- Christian

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

I've used looks for years- since they came out on the market.

I'm not sure of that specific model. I'm using carbon looks on both my main bikes, and an old pair of first generation looks on my fixed gear bike. No problems, except once one pedal body loosened up and came off the axle– while cleaning the bike, not riding it.

If you like the way they work, ride 'em.

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Bob Shay (not verified)
Looks are pretty good

They aren't light weight, but do offer a large platform for your foot. I buy them 'cause they are inexpensive. I usually get good service up to about 10,000 miles or 1.5 years of use. Price you got seems good too.

I wouldn't worry about it.

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Smiley (not verified)

I second that.

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Rick (not verified)

Thanks for all the thoughtful replys. I haven't yet asked for a refund. I wanted to get other people's take on it before I returned to the shop. In reply to Christian, I think according to numerous reviews on roadbikereview, there were a considerable amount of reports of failures on these pedals. Don't think there was a recall, maybe some defected batch, I don't know. I just not interested in finding out the hard way if mine are a set of the bad ones. I think I'll see what the shop says, with a less indignant attitude, and soon by a pair of ultegras keeping these as a second pair. Christian, what's your take on shimano pedals?

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bill vojtech (not verified)

Look hard enough and you'll find failures in all brands. Top of the line Campy cranks that fracture, etc.

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jc (not verified)
Broken Bike Bits
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rb (not verified)

don't believe everything you read on the Internet - also, how do we know that for every bad review, maybe there are 10,000 satisfied Look 396 users who don't write in?
By the way, I have an even cheaper version of Looks, and they have been bullet-proof for over 5 years, 40k miles.

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Rick (not verified)

Thanks, good to hear. I agree w/ what your saying.

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LynnB (not verified)
look pedals and internet reviews

Second rb on internet reviews and Look pedals-
Look 396 were my first clipless pedals too. While not light, they were comfortable, easy and sturdy. They worked fine from the get go- no creaks, cracks or any other problems after 2 yrs, 3000 miles.
Updated to the lighter Keo Carbons with my new bike, and they're fine too.
that being said, it's your choice and you have to feel happy with it.

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