Best way to transport a bike on an airplane!?

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I'm going to CA for a week and wondering if anyone has any suggestions for transporting a nice road bike out there.

I've never done it before so any advice would be greatly appreciated! I assume I could get a bike box made of some sturdy ABS plastic material or something - or perhaps there is a better solution... or pitfalls I should watch out for.

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John Segal (not verified)

If time permits, have your bike shop pack the bike and ship it FedEx.

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hans (not verified)

FedEx sounds like a good idea but could be expensive I gather. I've gone to Bicycle Renaissance and Conrad's in the past... if you have a good bike shop suggestion let me know.



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Smiley (not verified) (nm)
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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Shipping fedex is cheaper than ups and the airline tariff

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Smiley (not verified)

"It's worth checking Sports Express at
According to the article at, this company ""ships via FedEx Express at an enormous discount over standard FedEx rates"".

If you can fly United (USCF sponsor), buy a USCF license for $60 and receive two (2) FREE one-way bike vouchers per calendar year as a member benefit. You'll need a case, but you can race!"

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

FedEx Ground is the best solution. Typically around $33-40 one-way, as opposed to $75-150 one-way bike fees on the plane. Make sure to go to a FedEx location, though, not an authorized shipper, as they typically charge 50-100% more.

It takes about 6-7 days to the West Coast.

- Christian

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Michael S (not verified)
That Cheap?

Interesting that Fedex is cheaper than UPS.

Yes you lose the bike for a week on each side but odds of eternal loss or damage are much less than with the airlines. Fedex and UPS are accustomed to shipping boxes and they will insure against damage to something packed in cardboard.

Mail it to your hotel or arrange pickup at a Fedex near your destination.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

Double box it. Get 2 large bike boxes. Cut one vertically at diagonally oposite corners so that it can slide inside the outer box. Then you have 2 layers of cardboard surrounding your bike.

FedEx is great. Go to an actual FedEx store/depot, not some other business that ships via FedEx and resells the service to you. They usually mark it up quite a bit, (double?). I've had that happen with FedEx letter paks– I assume they'd do the same with a bike.

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Carol (not verified)
Club Bike Case

If you can't afford the time to ship your bike, rent a hard sided bike case from NYCC and take it with you on the plane. It will probably cost you $50-75 each way in addition to $25/week for case rental, but you won't lose the use of your bike for a week at each end. Contact [email protected] or call 212-505-2755.

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