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As of this posting the forecasts for Sunday are for more rain. This particular route does give us bail out options; subway followed by Metro North & subway again closer to home. So if we do get to cycle, make sure you carry your Metro North pass & Metrocard. There is a Kids running event in the Park so we will leave on time (8:30 AM sharp) to avoid it; but be careful cycling to start (avoiding excited parents with kids in tow) especially around 72nd Street Transverse near Bandshell & Bethesda Terrace.
If the roads are wet in the morning we will cancel, if the forecast does not significantly improve we will probably also cancel. Unfortunately logistical issues will not let us push the SIG back (add another week) so there is a good possibility will just miss the Armonk ride this year. We might try to do a post-SIG informal make-up ride to Armonk on 5/13.
I realize some of us require longer travel times to get to start. I will be updating this message thread as needed, making final “call” no later than 6:45 AM Sunday morning and possibly before (on Sat. evening)……….mark for the B SIG Team

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Mark Gelles (not verified)

The forecasts have been updated and the National Weather Service shows no changes (100% chance of heavy rain in the AM). Accuweather is somewhat more optimistic, but still over 50% chance of rain. I think we will most likely cancel but just in case will wait to make final “call” either later tonight or b/4 6:45 AM Sunday morn…...mark for all the B SIG leaders

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Paul (not verified)

never mind...

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ratherbebiking (not verified)

any updates!

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
B SIG Armonk ride is cancelled

This slow moving front will be on top of us for some time this AM. Lets all go back to bed …..mark for all the B SIG leaders

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