B SIG is questionable for Saturday 4/22/06, keep watching this

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  • B SIG is questionable for Saturday 4/22/06, keep watching this
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As of this posting the forecasts for Saturday are for a cold rain and wind (nasty day). In fact rumor has it the Noah is looking for a ark and two of each (Campy, Shimano & the new Sram) Sunday does look a little better, but not much. This particular route does give us bail out options; subway followed by Metro North & subway again closer to home. So if we do get to cycle, make sure you carry your Metro North pass & metrocard.
If the roads are wet in the morning we will cancel, if the forecast does not significantly improve we will probably also cancel. Trying again on Sunday, same time same place. I realize some of us require longer travel times to get to start. I will be updating this message thread as needed, making final “call” no later than 7:00 AM Saturday morning and possibly before (on Friday night)……….mark for the B SIG Team

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
B SIG is postponed for Saturday 4/22/06

The forecasts have been updated and there are no changes (70% to 100% chance of moderate to heavy rain ¼” to 1”); I think it best postpone the ride to Sunday, making the call now rather than in the morning. I am willing to take the chance/risk that we wake up on Sat. and the road are dry (it’s happened b/4). As forecasts for Sunday also are not great I will watch the weather and repeat the “call” process – so keep watching the message board…..mark for all the B SIG leaders

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Derek (not verified)
Road race Sunday AM

"Mark, FYI -the Park Drive will be a mess Sunday morning...
adidas Run for the Parks 4M/Kids Races
Sunday, April 23

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