Recommendation for NYC-based frame builder?

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"For those interested ...

1) Since the riding position of the ""bent"" puts the weight on the butt -- rather than distributing it to the legs and hands -- it may be my recovery vehicle of choice while my left hand heals.

2) The current rear V-brake set up with it's long housing is a pretty heavy squeeze. A disc should be a lighter throw.

3) I already have two sets of compatible disc wheels from my MTB.

4) Discs give you stopping power in the wet and wont overheat your tires on long descents."

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

Johnny Coast. In Brooklyn. I have his card at home. very nice work. I've seen some recent bikes even nicer than these, but none had a bottle opener.

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mike (not verified)
maybe another option if the disc does not pan out

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Neile (not verified)
thanks for suggestions

Carlos at C&A Cycles on 17th Street was recommended to me.

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