A-SIG Central Park Laps Tonight (4/18)

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Meet at the Boathouse at 7:00 PM, Depart at 7:05.
We'll practice our pacelining at 20 mph on the flats.

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Karol (not verified)
me too

See you tonight, Mike!

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

Alright, Karol!

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Peter Brevett (not verified)

I'm in!

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some guy (not verified)
busy park

The park drives are likely to be very crowded this evening, at least until the sun sets. Probably too crowded for it to be prudent to ride in a group at that speed.

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Karol (not verified)

Thanks, Mike. That was great. Julia, Chris, we're riding Wednesday nite if you want to come along. 7 pm at the Boathouse.

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bikesherpa (not verified)

I'm in for 4 loops. See you there.

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