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Here's a request completely unrelated to biking: can anyone recommend a good ENT? All responses will be greatly appreciated!

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Here's one

I like this guy:


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Peter Brevett (not verified)

Anthony Reino 212-828-2000.

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Ira M. (not verified)

Small world - (Dr)Anthony Reino was a good lab partner for AP chem and and a very very good swimmer - almost the only guy who shaved his legs in my high school

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Mark Nelson (not verified)

Dr. Scott Gold 212-889-8575
He accepts alot of insurance, is quite good and highly recommended.

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J (not verified)
Second the Kieserman

Also been to Kieserman and highly recommend him.

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ML (not verified)
Dr. David Godin

I've been to Kieserman and he never acted on my problems and thus they were never solved. I then went to Dr. David Godin and I haven't had sinus infections since he fixed my issues almost 3 years ago (surgery). I used to get 4 or 5 infections per year... now none.

His number is 212 679 3499

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Etoain Shrdlu (not verified)
Doctors with web pages...

"...make me a trifle suspicious. Advertising is just not a class act in the medical community, at least not on this coast. As my Montenegrin grandmother used to say, ""Never trust a brain surgeon who advertises on billboards.""

I can't comment on any other suggestions on this board, but I personally like an otolaryngologist named Vijay Anand, MD, on East 64th Street. Don't bother telling him Etoain Shrdlu sent you. I visit him under a ""nom de patient.""

Warning: While I think he's pretty good, his office staff can be less than perfectly efficient. And things do run late. Be prepared to wait a long time past your appointment time to be seen.

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdlu


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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
web pages are not ads.

They do a lot more. Would you hold it against them if they were listed in the phonebook?

When someone says you shold go to Dr. X, you can google him and find out where he's located, what his phone number is, etc. Also, you can tell something about their approach– do they include alternative therapies or not... what services do they offer... what insurance plans do they work with, etc.

It's the 21st century. Don't go to doctors without web pages.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
Dr. Libertore

She's very popular and is based at Lenox Hill.

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