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The police are out there already! My partner got a $85 ticket for running the red light at the Apline turnoff.

Riders beware!

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Ron Torok (not verified)

where eaxctly is that?

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Cheryl (not verified)
Palisades Interstate Park Police??

Was your patner possibly ticketed by the PIP Police as opposed to a NJ State Trooper or a local officer from the Alpine Police Department? They tend to target that light. If so, I am curious as to he/she was treated, as I have heard some disturbing stories about their behavior/attitude toward riders, hikers and drivers.

BTW, if your partner chooses to fight the ticket be prepared to wait a minimum of 4-5 hours just to set your court date to get in front of the judge.

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JP (not verified)

Southbound, nearly everyone runs a red light there. It's on a descent and the cars comming out of the road must turn. You have a clear shot and most take it. Now, is that where your partner got it? Or was it northbound? Or coming out of River Road?

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
NJ law enforcement

I came pretty close to being hit by a police officer running a stop sign at speed, 4 weeks ago. This was at the north end of the park, after the Alpine climb and he was coming off the Parkway entrance that leads directly (straight shot) into the park, with his siren lights off.


Last weekend in another NJ State Park, I had a Park Ranger pull up to me and tell me that I should look before pulling out into the road. I told him in fact, I did. The reason for it was because a car was about to turn left and not yield to my right of way. Oddly enough, that did not seem to be of concern for him or the man we just passed who was using a crowded park as his personal golf driving range.

When I looked back, he was 5 or so car lengths back. A second or two after I passed the turning car and moved back to the shoulder he pulled up to me. After he chatted with me while he was driving and I was cycling, he then speed up and made a sharp u-turn onto the crowded grass way to pursue some other business. Why he could not of just let me pass and turn off at low speed in a location much closer to the one he intends to travel next is another nit picky detail.

It is this other business that he was paying attention to off to the side of the road that caused him to not see me look. This particular Park Ranger has a very lead foot and drives quite fast, as in nearly double the speed limit on more occassions than not.

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Cheryl (not verified)

What park were you in in NJ?

The police who patrol River Road, the Palisades Interstate Parkway and its entrances and exits such as the light near the police station in Alpine are employed by a bi-state agency that seems to be accountable to noone, thus they can get away with a lot more than local officers. They are NOT NJ Police.

They have quite a reputation for harrassment of hikers, bikers and drivers.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Needless to say, I have to weigh in on this thread.

At least as of a few years ago, the PIPC court claims (and exercises) the right to change whatever infraction you're charged with within thirty days without notifying you until you appear for trial; so it's possible you can come to trial expecting to defend yourself from one charge, perhaps with witnesses in support of your argument...only to be confronted with a completely different charge.

Yeah, if you object, telling the court you need time to prepare your defense and get witnesses appropriate to the charge, the judge will give you an you the opportunity to take the time to come up there a second day.

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