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Hey guys,
A few of us A-19 sigees are doing the Montauk Century Ride 100-mile route (Sunday, May 21st), and I wanted to spread the word to invite anyone interested in riding with us (Links below).

For us sigees, this ride takes place the day after the graduation ride, so we plan on taking it easy on the Century. I think it will be a great ride to do with fellow sigees as a kind of post celebration of completion of our sig training but of course anyone's welcome to join us, but just don't expect us to be flying through this.

The ride is all flat and has several rest stops where there's plenty of food and stuff, and I expect we'll take full advantage of these. Just make it a good time, sore legs, spin it out, share stories, finish in Montauk!

Check out the links below, reply if you want to do it, and shoot me an email (rprev2 at yahoo dot com)so I can coordinate meeting and such. (don't delay, as I think they may be running out of return train tickets)

Ride Link:
Registration Link:

See you there!


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Ronald Birnbaum (not verified)
My spot for sale

I registered for the 100 mile but cant do the ride. It's worth $81 bucks. I'm selling my spot for $50. Any takers?


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MJ (not verified)
I'm in...

Hey Richard, I'm in, as you know! I'm sure we'll all be hating ourselves at 6 a.m., but hopefully we'll warm up after a few miles (maybe luck out on a nice tail wind?), take it easy and enjoy the ride. (Sending email address separately).


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Peter Liu (not verified)
interested, but undecided...

Richard and MJ, thank you for organizing this ride. Right now I'm trying to decide between this ride and the Bloomin Metric, all the while hoping the Bear Mountain ride won't be rained out. Since I'll have to take the LIRR for the Montauk ride, I'm more than a bit wary of the 4:00AM check-in time. :(


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