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What kind of shoes are suitable for doing long distance in pedal clips?

This would be on the fixed gear, on which I don't want clipless. In fact I don't think I like clipless anymore.

My beat-up old LL Bean Gore-tex clogs are fine for winter. But my summer sandals, a clunky Kean water model, ain't going to cut it. Hurts the toes, can't pull up well.

Can any of our retro-experts suggest something better? What did cyclists wear in, say, the Fifties? Or better yet, 1903?


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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

They wore cycling shoes, listed here in order from most archaic to most modern:

Reynolds Touring:
Carnac Carlit:
Puma Ventoux:
Diadora Cyclone:

Ok, that's enough.

- Christian

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ben (not verified)

Christian, When you post links it's like crack. I'm dying to click on the interesting links and read about old bike shoes... but it will transform me into a crack junkee (a.k.a. bike nerd). I'm a recovery addict from many of your past postings. Since i'm not going to copy-paste these links into my address bar, I'll probably be in bed before 10pm -- as opposed to spending the next 3 hours reading about historical bike shoes.

My friends can see signs that i'm a junky when they mention somethign like how much a frame flexs and whip out the stats that you linked me to over a year ago.

So please... stop pushing your product around here. I think the nyvelocity website needs to get a little high.

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Carol (not verified)

Look at relatively inexpensive mountain bike shoes. Some are made with a solid sole that only has an outline to cut out for mounting cleats. You simply don't cut the sole and don't mount any cleats. These are not hard carbon soles, mind you, but they're usually hard enough to give you decent power transfer. You don't want a shoe with a heavy tread, but I think Nike makes something you'd find suitable.

In the old days, they made cycling shoes for toe clip pedals. I used to own a pair.

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Clipper (not verified)
Usually not...

I still ride MTB with clips and straps. Most modern MTB shoes have too-thick soles and too-big toeboxes to get comfortably into the clips.

Look at an old pair of road, or pre-clipless mountain shoes and notice how much slimmer they seem.

I'd scan eBay for NOS shoes in your size. They turn up pretty frequently, and often go for beans since demand is so low.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
That was easy!

I just ordered the puma and the diadora--one old school, one MTB not too chunky. If they fit o.k., I can afford to keep both, because they're on sale!

Thanks Carol and Christian.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Way cool shoes

The orange Pumas are w-a-a-a-y cool and comfortable. I may never take them off. Christian, you have quite the eye! I praise you with a thousand adjectives!

The Diadoras (38s) run a bit small, but I may keep them anyways. They're lightweight and by far the best-looking of the bunch at Nashbar. Maybe they'll stretch.

The alternatives at Nashbar are pretty foul. I've never been that concerned with appearances, but I wouldn't want those unimaginative blobs taking up space in my closet. They don't even look comfortable.

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bill vojtech (not verified)

look for NOS Bata Bikers. Canvas uppers with stiffened rubber soles.

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