Bear Mt. Inn

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Is the Bear Mt. Inn open for lunch??

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Bear Mtn Inn

The Bear Mtn Inn has been under renovation, is supposed to re-open Spring 2006. Their web site gives no indication of this, I'd say its still closed. Here's a number to call 845-786-2731 from http://www/

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af (not verified)
incorrect url

This is the actual url for Bear Moutain Inn:

You can also find info here:


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JP (not verified)

Thanks Fred, af and Carl. I guess its pocket food, a stop before 7 Lakes and a big hunger at the Runcible Spoon!!

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Popeye Doyle (not verified)

Cove Deli on 9W in Stony Point,3 or 4 miles s. of Bear Mt.

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carl cohen (not verified)
bear mtn inn

The Bear Mtn. Inn will now be closed through 2007. all calls are directed to The Overlook Lodge on the other side of the lake (so she told me). They have rooms but no restaurant.

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