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I would like to bring my bike to Philadelphia from New York this weekend so I don't miss three potential days of riding while at home for the holiday.

I checked out NJ Transit, and they said that there is some sort of bike car where you tie/lock up your bike for the ride. I am planning on taking the NE Corridor Line to Trenton.

Does anyone have any experience with this - is it safe (from damage and/or theft)? Any tips or easier way to get bike out of NYC w/o a car? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Jersey Guy (not verified)
NJ Transit's bike policy

"I see a lot of bikes on NJ Transit trains. Their policy is no bikes during peak hours, usually about 6-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. on weekdays, though some people slip on anyway. There is no ""bike car"" exactly, just some cars with more aisle space. How are you getting your bike from Trenton to Philly? There's SEPTA commuter service, but I don't know their bike policy. Good luck."

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John Miller (not verified)

I called njtransit about this very issue today -- i'm traveling friday. On the weekends, you should have no problem getting on the train, though I would bring some bungee cord to tie your bike to a post.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Bringing Bike on NJ Transit

I've ridden that particular Northeast Corridor line, maybe a half dozen times over the past two years, and as recently as a few weeks ago doing club rides. I have had no problem bringing the bike onto the train, along with a group of others. Keep in mind this is during off peak (weekend) hours. While not absolutely necessary, I recommend bringing a bungee cord or two with you as it may come in handy. You can usually find them at a hardware store.

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grace (not verified)
nj transit

security is not really an issue because the bike goes in the same car as you. as i recall (used to live in princeton) the area for bikes is where the rail for wheelchairs go. some cars have this space, some don't. so go off peak, find a car with space and sit/stand near yr bike.

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Jon M (not verified)
Bike on NJ Transit

"Thanks for your responses. Will be picked up from Trenton (avoiding SEPTA), so only worried about NJT. It is interesting that you can keep the bike in the same car where you sit which is what I thought(they told me about the non-exestent ""Bike Car"" over the phone).

One more thing if anyone knows - is possible to leave the bike freestanding, or is it necessary to stand and hold the entire trip? Thanks again."

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Katie (not verified)
Bergen Line

"I've never travelled south but going north you must put your bike in the wheelchair ""spot"" granted of course there are no wheelchairs needing that position. (I ended up being delayed one train because of 3 other passengers needing the space.)

the HC cars are usually the first, last and the middle. If you stand on the platform where the elevator would let you off you will be about where the middle HC car is. I ask the conductor where they want me and just go there.

I try to bring a bungee if I remember so I don't have to hold my bike the entire trip. Or you can stand it upright and hook the handbars on the luggage rack above.

I hope this email helps....have a fun trip!!"

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