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I want to start a cycling team for my daughters all girl school in upper CT. I know next to nothing about the sport other than getting hooked last summer and riding frequently the loop in the park. I am willing to underwrite the entire costs of such a venture including:

1.Buying all Bikes and equipment
2. Hiring a coach
3. Buying the vans, chase car, and fix it truck
4. Food and lodging

Except I don't know what the structure, training, and costs are of such a venture. Would anyone care to educucate me or link me to a site. I would be indebted.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
What a cool dad!

I wish I went to that high school. Nice riding in northern CT too.

I'm sure someone in the club will be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck!

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Carol (not verified)
Contact Recycle-a-Bicycle

"You can find their website at www.recycleabicycle.org. They have a booklet called ""A guide to Starting and Running Youth Bike Ride Clubs."" Karen Overton is the director and she can give you all kinds of advice."

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John Miller (not verified)

If you're looking to set up a girls' racing team, look up the Century Road Club Association. CRCA is the region's largest dedicated-racing club, and can probably refer you to local associations/race promoters in CT. Their Vice President of Rider Development, Craig Cook, is currently immersed in shepherding a (boys') junior team based out of Washington Heights. He's a tremendous resource, and worth seeking a conversation.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Sounds like a great idea!



(If you want to contact Tom Sunday, the info is here.)

As John Miller suggested, you should contact Craig Cook, Vice President of Rider Development at CRCA: http://www.crca.net/m/contact.htm."

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