Audax-STS- is cancelled for Saturday-ride Sunday

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Sunday looks like the better day. It is just too wet.See
you tomorrow at the Plaza Hotel at 8:15


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Tony (not verified)

What's with the Plaza AT 8:15? Are you stopping at CPW and 100th at 9:00 per the Bulletin?

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Carol (not verified)
Not this week

This week's ride goes out to Long Island, not to New Jersey. So we meet at the Plaza to go over to the 59th St. Bridge. The meeting time is 8:15.

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HARVEY MINSKY (not verified)
Audax- Sunday

Thanks Carol for the explanation. as Carol said we are going to Long Island. We are doing 80+ miles. You must have pace line experience. We make very few stops. If you are interested please come.


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