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"Ed and Jim be making the official call at 6:30am Saturday morning and we'll post it here by 7:00am... The outlook for Sunday is much better than for Saturday, but who knows?

Weather in NYC
Weather in Nyack

ps - for those who visited this site last week, I am pleased to report that all SIG leader saddle sores mentioned on April Fools Day have vanished, so if the weather is ok we will ride - stay tuned!"

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Jim (not verified)
A-19 SIG

We made the decision a bit earlier to make it easier on everyone.

It sure looks like rain tomorrow, so we ride on Sunday.

Please show up 8:30 @ the Boathouse parking lot Sunday.

See you then, Thanks.

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ted (not verified)
sunday event

The road runners have a race starting at east 68th street at 9am Sunday. So, we need to be moving before then.
Ed has to shorten his pre-ride speech.

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TT Boy (not verified)
Ed has to shorten his pre-ride speech..

i agree...
not only that...
no more 1 1/2 hr. diner stops too..

let the legs do the talkin' and the b.s. start walkin'

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Neile (not verified)
"""We made the decision a bit earlier."""

Appreciated. Thank you.

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)
Location, location, and location

Are we still meeting at the Boathouse? Perhaps somewhere less popular with race-runners tomorrow would be better, such as Eleanor Roosevelt @ 72nd/Riverside?

That way Ed can still talk :D and maybe we can meet at 9am as before.

Just my two Pfennig...

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