B SIG is questionable for Saturday 4/08/06, keep watching

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As of this posting the forecasts for Saturday do include a very strong possibility for a cold rain and wind (nasty day). In fact the rain is predicted to follow our route from west to east. The logistics for this particular ride and the importance of our paceline class and subsequent practice make us more conservative about the “call”. If the roads are wet in the morning we will cancel, if the forecast does not improve we will probably also cancel. Trying again on Sunday, same time same place.
It takes almost one hour from Manhattan (23rd St. my stop) via subway to get to our start location. In addition I realize some of us require longer travel times to get to Queens. I will be updating this message thread as needed, making final “call” no later than 6:45 AM Saturday morning and possibly before (on Friday night)……….mark for the B SIG Team

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Mark Gelles (not verified)
B SIG 9:00 AM Queens NY Start Location

B SIG is postponed; we will do Oyster Bay ride on Sunday 04/09/06

For reasons described above we are canceling ride (postponing until Sunday – same time same place). If you wake up on Saturday morning and the weather looks “OK” the ride is still postponed to Sunday (some times circumstances require a early call and that’s the risk we take). Please note as we will be cycling on Sunday we will have less options to buy food, so please bring lots of pocket food. ……….mark for the B SIG Team

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John Kalish (not verified)
By the way - GOOD CALL!

I'm home and dry, with advance notice. Thanks!

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Katrin Lieberwirth (not verified)
re: NYC subway stations / turnstiles

Some of us West Siders were talking about meeting up at a subway station to head over to Queens for the (now) Sunday B-SIG.

By any chance, is anyone familiar with the 7th Ave. /53rd Station? Does it have service on wkds, i.e. is there s.o. who can open doors so we can bring our bikes in?

If not, would anyone know for sure which other E-train Mid-town station we should head to?

This sounds a bit lazy, and could probably find out till Sunday, but thought we ask case someone already knows.

Thanks for sharing. Katrin

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
C train to 42nd is one way

I live on W. 74th and I always found it was easiest just to take the C train to 42nd St. and switch to the E train there. The trains aren't crowded early on weekend mornings so you can take your bike without trouble.

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JMF (not verified)

I've used the 7th Ave/53rd St E train station next to the Sheraton for 8am/9am rides on weekend mornings; the last time was either late Oct. or early Nov.

No problems (save for the usual ones with narrow stairs/cycling shoes) unless they happen to be doing construction this weekend. You might check out the MTA web site to see if there are any re-routing plans.

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
The F train at 57th and 6th

I usually catch the F at 57th and 6th. I just checked the MTA website and there are no service advisories for the E or F trains this weekend. The E at 53rd and 7th should also be fine.

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Uncle Paulie (not verified)
Bike to the start

Have you considered biking to the start? It's a direct route over the 59th St Bridge and along Queens Blvd. Total distance from 1st Avenue to Union Tpke is 8 miles and should take 30-45 minutes.

As for traffic, there is minimal traffic at 8AM on a Sunday.

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